Supercomputing and Science

Using Data for Good

Supercomputing is all around us and making the world a better place. In this panel, hear from 3 researchers working hard to improve the quality of our lives with the help of supercomputing.

Capturing the Wonder of Global Interconnectedness

All of life is interconnected. So are the questions and problems affecting it. Climate change is not just about climate modeling. It’s connected to everything from human health to vehicle technology to energy production. ORNL’s Dr. Kate Evans explains how making connections between scientific areas will be the new “frontier” in problem solving.

Capturing the Wonder of the Stars

Stars hold insights to human life. But you can’t build them in a lab. ORNL’s Dr. Bronson Messer explains how Frontier and the exascale era of supercomputing will transform our study of the cosmos, making it possible to simulate supernova explosions in a matter of weeks—and bring us closer to understanding our ultimate origins.