The Exascale Era is Here.

Celebrate more science, more discovery, and more innovation.

Discover the Power of 18 Zeros – Now On Demand

Now that the supercomputing industry has arrived at exascale – represented by a quintillion calculations per second – we can look forward to the impact of this remarkable achievement.

At HPE, we see how exascale computing will change the world. More science, more discovery, and more innovation that improves the way we live and work.

Exascale Day celebrates our industry and features panels with industry experts. Hear from leaders and experts from across the supercomputing industry in our power-packed program!
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Hear from research scientists bent on making the world we live in safer and more sustainable; and leaders from the Department of Energy and National Laboratories that feature exascale-class supercomputing, and leaders from supercomputing centers around the world. The program will also feature a discussion covering practical ways to help our industry be more diverse.

Jon Brown
VP & Publisher, Market Intelligence

Gina Tourassi
Director of the National Center for Computational Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dave Kepczynski
Chief Information Officer
GE Research

Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe
Director of the Office of Science
U.S. Department of Energy

Tim Williams
Computational Scientist, Deputy Director
Argonne’s Computational Science Division

Christine Goulet
Executive Director for Applied Science
Southern California Earthquake Center
University of Southern California

Andrew G. McArthur, Ph.D.
Director, Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization Program
McMaster University

Alison Kennedy
Director, STFC Hartree Centre
Co-Founder of Women in HPC

Bronis de Supinski
Chief Technology Officer for Livermore Computing
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Gabe Turner
HPC Solutions Architect

Andreas Prein
Project Scientist

Kimmo Koski
Managing Director
CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

Justin Hotard
Executive Vice President & General Manager

Trish Damkroger
Chief Product Officer,
HPC & AI Business Unit

Shin-Wen Kuo
SVP & Chief Operating Officer
HPC & AI Business Unit

Janice Zdankus
Vice President,
Chief Technology Office Strategy

Paul Hunter
Managing Director
HPE North America